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a a a a ~~~ThiS bAd GuY NeEdS cArE, hE nEeDs Me~~~
by jReu
I made this last 2002. I can’t remember the date anymore. This is about the guy who really touched my heart and changed my life….


At the start I never really felt something extraordinary about him. He was just an ordinary stupid punk guy for me. I even hated him for always bothering me. He kept calling me, texting on my phone and telling me things that would flatter me so much. I began to stay away from him.

One day, I was touched and awakened when I heard how wrecked and pitiful his life is. I was so impressed when I heard him telling his own damn life story. All I could do is to nod to make him see I’m paying attention. He was so open. He told me that he has no parents. What he really meant is that he has no one to call as parents. What a boring and miserable life story! Duh…

He was an unwanted child. He was left by his irresponsible father when he was still a couple of months old. Well, his mom rejected him too. Good thing he was not aborted! From the hospital where he was born, he was directly given to his grandparents, the parents of his mother. His mother was married to another man months passed while his father was married to another woman too. His grandma was the one who always took time to take care of him. But when she died, his life worsened. He was passed on to the sister of his mother. There he lived with many standards. We could see in his eyes that he lacked attention, true care and most of all, love. Though he was provided with his financial needs, everything was not enough.

He started to hang out all the time with his friends, come home late and get superfluous vices. Name it! Smoking, drinking alcohol, and using prohibited drugs! His studies were very much affected. He retained twice in elementary.

I never expected someone to have so many guts to tell me his unfortunate life story.

I asked myself, should I believe him? Did he tell me his life story just because he wanted attention or maybe because he trusted me? I was so confused about it until I met my friend who happens to be their neighbor. She told me many things about him since they were childhood friends. From then on, I discovered that he really told me the truth.

Yes, he needed attention, care, support and love. I now understand that he needed someone to love him like... me. I thought to myself that maybe I could change his feeling, the feeling of being rejected and being unimportant. Well, maybe I could.

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