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Same Place,Right Time
by Anonymous
I was in a chat room talking with some old friends,and watching the different conversations taking place .Then all of a sudden I saw a new person to the group talking with this girl,it was not going too smooth .I knew she was physically ill and was at times rude ,and the stranger not knowing was fixing to get angry.Wondering what I should do,I imed this person and explained the situation.He was horrified and said poor girl thank you for telling me.Then we chatted awhile and had a very nice conversation,asked permission to add one another to our seperate buddy lists and said goodbye .As the days passed I would see him on at night about the time I was checking my mail and heading to bed,after awhile I would pop in and say "just wanted to say sweet dreams"then I would vanish.I felt something drawing me to him like a magnet.Preety soon sweet dreams turned into long conversations day and night.We exchanged pictures and he was so handsome and well built.I had already felt my heart start to throb now it was pounding.We both felt the same we had found our soulmate for sure.It was like we had known one another and been in love in another life.It was like we had e.s.p.,we would finish one anothers sentences,say what the other was gonna say before the other had a chance.It was like he truly read my mind and I his,We knew we were true soulmates.We talk on the phone and never run out of things to say.We live far apart and our phone bills plus buying phone cards is so high,but well worth it.We exchange letters,cards,pics,gifts and all kinds of things through the mail.Its such fun to see whats waiting for me next.I even sent him pencils with his name on them.We act like two teenagers,we laugh,cry,and do everything we can together as far as this computer will let us.It will be a year next month and we plan to meet soon.We have even planned our marriage.I think of him last thing before I go to sleep and first thing when I wake up.I thank god every day that I imed this wonderful man to save him from hurting someone that was ill,and in turn he fell in love with me.We were in the same place at the right time and we are soulmates forever.

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