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Can't Move On
by SimplyDeep
6 years ago I met C. Smith, a very nice and sweet person. I was about 17 and he was 19. We met at the mall in the city where we live. It was like any other day until he came up and said that he had seen me around and would like to get to know me. I agreed and we exchange numbers. A couple of days went by and i did not hear from him, so I went on with my life. On the third day he finally called and we talked for about 5 hours with some distractions, but we didn't let that stop us from talking. At the time he had a girlfriend, but things wasn't working out between them. I can say he made it his point to tell me he had a girl and how things was between them. Most guys will not tell you. By me being in school we decided to go out on the following weekend, so we can have more time together. On our first date, we went out to eat and then to the movies. After we left the movies, we went for a walk in the park and it seemed to last forever. It was like time did not matter at the moment. By him having a girl and all, didn't nothing happen. After our first date, we called each other and went out other times. He went off to college a month after we met. The college was in Atlanta and I was in North Carolina. We lost contact with each other for those 6 months. I was thinking that he forgot all about me. Needless to say I was wrong. I had erased him from my mind and moved on. What I mean was i started seeing someone else. At the moment I could only think he will come back and be with his girl, which he did, but still found the time to call me. What was the big deal, we was only friends. i was excited to hear from him and we planned to get together that same night. The guy I was with was very understanding, so I thought. Me and C. Smith went over to ne of his friends house to chill and hang out. It was getting late, so I decided to call my boyfriend to let him know I was on my home and will call him when I get there, but to my surprise another female answer his phone, I asked who she was and she said his girlfriend and that they met 2 weeks ago, way before C. Smith came home. When he got on the phone I told him I did not want to see him anymore and hung up. i went to sit outside and C. Smith came out to see what was the matter. HE told his friends that was leaving. i did not want to go home, so I called my mom to let her know I'll be home in the morning. We decided to go get a room at Holiday Inn Express. Before we went to our room we went to the Waffle House to get something to eat. When we got back to our room, we sat and watch TV and then it happen, one minute we are holding each other ad the next thing I know we was making love. I know it was wrong because he had a girlfriend, but it felt to goodthat we was not thinking about anything else but us. I do not regret any of it and neither does he. we started seeing each other more. Then it happen again, he left and went back to college for another 6 months and it seems as if I was left beind again. The only time we saw each other was every other weekend. I found myself trying to fall in love with someone else, but it seem as if i couldn't get C. Smith out of my head, so I decided i couldn't move on with letting him C. Smith know my true feelings. To this day we are still friends and I haven't let my feelings out about C. Smith. The day is coming.

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