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My Love
by Angel Eyes
Let me start by saying he was the one that got away. The men of all men for me. The one I would spend the rest of my life comparing the rest to. Somehow, none of them truly compared to the way he made me feel back then. We were young and in high school. He was the 'bad boy' the 'rock and roll' star. I was just innocent me, nothin special, just me, not one of the 'popular' type, and didn't care to be either. I secretly admired him from afar, and he knew how I felt about him, everybody did. I guess I just wasn't good enough for him, or at least I thought I wasn't. We would exchange glances from across the room, our eyes would meet and my heart would skip a beat. We talked on occasion and flirted. I wanted him so badly. Then again, so did all the other girls. I knew he liked me, that was clear, but his affection for me was only behind closed door where no others could take notice. His kisses, Oh those soft sweet kisses I still remember. You know, the ones that would make you weak in the knees. After graduation, he went his way and I went mine. I joined the Navy, had to get out of that town. I came back on leave shortly after bootcamp and found him walking down the street, my heart skipped a few beats, that feeling still within me. We talked and walked, and even showed public affection much to my surprise.I remeber very clearly on the way home stopping by a local elementary school playground, and then there he was, asking me to marry him! What wa I suppose to think, or say for that matter? I wanted to say yes, my heart ached to be his, but I was with another. Not knowing if he was playing with my heart or not I had to say no. I remember it to be a wonderful nite. I went back to my duty staion, we kept in touch over the phone,until that day came. I remeber it so well, he told me he was to be married. There went my heart, shatterd! We didn't speak again for years. I married a few years later to a man I thought came close to that feeling I once had to with him. I had heard through friends he had children, and I inturn had 2 of my own. My thoughts often drifted back to him, his cute smile and the kiss, yes the kiss. About a year ago now I was told I had a brain tumor, and that is when it all started. I had to know what he was doin, where he was at, and maybe just maybe se him again. Well I found him and e-mailed him hoping he would remember me, and well, he did, and e-mailed me back. We have been talking now for a few months and much to MY surprise he loves me, and says he always has. Did I miss something along the way? He settled in his marriage as I did in mine, and we long the day we will spend in eachothers arms. He lives up north and I live in the good ol' south, seems like worlds apart. Until just last week. He tells me his job may be sending him here my state! What is this? Fate? In 2 weeks I will be laying in his arms and kissing those sweet lips of his. Is this our second chance? Does this story have and end? or a new beginning? We agree that our children and first and foremost in our lives, but what about us and our lives? Well, I don't have that brain tumor, at least they don't think so. But I have this chance, the chance to love again, to love and be loved by the men of all my men. Whatever our futures hold at least I will hold him one last time. Is this fate? Is this our second chance with love? I hope so!

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