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Can't Believe This Happened!
by MyracleWkr1
I really don't how to begin, but I'll try it this way. Mary and I had been together for 5 years, I had asked her to married me . But she said I didn't want nothing out of life and she could see no future in me. I stood there; speechless,I had done everything for this woman.And most of you know what I mean. I turn and left; without a word said, I really didn't want her to see the tears rolling down my face.
A year went by, I dated a few women,on and off. Just that in my heart and mind,there was something that just wasn't there with them. After this, I decided to just give up on dating for awhile.
In early September; one of my brothers asked me to attend a event with him, reluctantly I agreed. It was a dinner for one of his business partners,attended by at least 200 people. As I passed the tables; greeting those who were in attendance, there sitting with one of her co-workers was Mary. I greeted her,trying not to show the pain in my heart from just seeing her. As the dinner progressed, my brother stood to get everyone's attention. He announced the beginning of the evening's entertainment and music started playing. On stage;a voice spoke, explaining a "very" familar story, each part told by someone from her family and mine. My oldest brother came out and asked if Mary and I to come up on the stage. Meeting there; he explained to us that this wasn't a dinner for the partner,but for us. Mentioning that both families were in agreement,she and I were "soulmates" and they couldn't see or imagine one of us without the other.
Mary ;with tears on her face, spoke in a voice I hope to never hear again. She said she was wrong and everone told her the same.That if I didn't want nothing out of life, I wouldn't have wanted her.
Suddenly, a song begin playing, the curtain on the stage went up to display a band. And as I gave her a hug, our "favorite" singer came out ,singing our favorite song. My brother and one of Mary's then brought out 2 chairs and a small table, her 2 sister-in-laws a tablecloth and 2 wine flutes and our favorite wine. As I escorted her to one of the chairs, the singer told us what our families had done and said that this was a "private" concert just for us.He sang every song that we loved to hear. Getting up from her seat; Mary came over and sat in my lap,she then wisphered in my ear, "I missed you and didn't know how much until I saw you again". As we kissed, a cheer went up from the guests and hunderds of roses showered us.
I still can't believe it happened and neither can Mary

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