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Mothers Day
by Bethanie
Your always there when I need you
Even if your not I know where to find you
Although sometimes it may not seem to me
I know that you love me just as much I love you
I don't say it everyday
But Just once a day would be better
Because to hear it once a day from you
Makes me smile

It may not seem like much
Even just the small things you do
Are big to me
I wish I could give you something in return
Just to show you thanks for everything you've ever done

Truly I am very greatful to have a mother like you
Someone to raise me right
Someone to talk to
someone I can call a best friend
Someone to punish me when I do a wrong
All those things are important to me
Becuase it shows me that you care
Even when you make me clean
Once it's done and over
I know that you are trying your best
To prepare me for my future ahead

Alot of times I don't respect you like I should
I know it's wrong
I hate it when I do
Later when I rememer how I was
How I sounded and looked
How it made you feel
You act as if your angry
But I know really that it makes you feel bad
It causes just one small tear maybe even more
To know that I hurt you
And act like I don't even care
Becuase really I do
And I want you to know

I've did alot in my life
Many parents blame it on themselve
For their childrens behavior
And to tell you that you shouldn't
Is very important
Because you have raised me right
Told me what is wrong and not
Yet I do them anyway
Wishing that I didn't

I want to say I'm sorry for everything I've ever done
That has caused you pain or anger
Stress or tears
I hate to see you in pain
I would prefer it to be me
Watching you cry makes me cry
Watching you mad
Makes me mad

One day I hope I will grow to be a strong woman like you
Although you may not see it
Your one of the most beautiful woman to me
You stand up for what you believe is right
And you don't let anyone get you down
There is much more about you
That shows how strong you are
You love to help others
And your heart much too caring for me to say
You let people know how you feel
When your mad we know it
When your happy it shows
When your upset people rush to make you feel better
Your loved by many people
And those who don't love you
Have prolly never tried to know you
You brighten my spirit when I'm around you
As well as you do many others

I just really want you to know
How much I really love and care for you
Because I don't feel that I show it like I should
As well as let you know I am greatful that I was born from you
And raised by you
Because your always
And will always be in my heart

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