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Remembering You
by Stormy
There were many things that were left unsaid,
Hopefully, through these words they can be set free.
And I can remember you fondly..
As I hope you remember me.
You entered my life at a time I felt so lost,
Brought many laughs to a broken spirit
Became a true friend, that is so rare.
The way you said my name...I can still hear it.

You made me feel I was such a jewel..
That would always beautifully shine.
You brought new meaning..
To a lonely that I called mine.
I grew in ways I thought could never be
You touched emotions that had been asleep for so long.
Things I one could possibly understand.
You took away my pain, made me feel I belonged.

I felt I could smile once again,
The distance disappeared when I spent time with you,
Even with the pain that was sure to come.
I will always believe it's the reason I grew.
I've grown and I've learned, my mind's a better place.
Without experiencing you...I would've missed so much.
You were the peace that I had sought,
Deep in my soul, I've felt your touch.

I truly believe that fate stepped in,
Some reason we were meant to meet.
So many things we had in common,
A total feeling of being complete.
All good things will pass, they say
And sadly come to an end.
But I can and will proudly say,
In my heart, you'll always be my friend.

So, when I look back and remember you,
My sweet memories come pouring out.
Never will I regret having you in my life,
Making you easy to think about.
You brought so much to my life..
I just wonder if you realize,
How you made this old girl feel..
And the sparkle you brought to my eyes.

A friendship that remains in my heart,
All you have to do is call my name.
Two souls that were meant to cross
My feelings for you remain the same.
I will always wish you well,
In everything you do.
I hope you'll always remember me..
I pray your every dream to come true.

I can't understand the silence,
That has come between me and you.
The silence I wish to break..
And bring back the friendship we knew.
The laughter, the love of music we shared..
Always knowing what the other will say.
A bond that shouldn't have been broken..
Saddens my heart today.

I write these words to you,
From the most deepest part of my heart.
In hopes that you will remember..
How we said our friendship would never part.
I miss that feeling of kindred spirits..
I wonder...if you do too?
I still thank you for what you've given me,
And I will forever be remembering you.

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