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You are Here: Home > Love Poems > Sad Love Poems > You broke my heart ..... !!

You broke my heart ..... !!
by HeartShapedButterfly
when I 1st met you, I never knew you could brake peoples hearts, you seemed like such a great guy, who could off thought your tear my world apart? You were the one who was by my side when no-one else was there. You were the one I could always count on when no-one else seemed to care. You Helped Me Through the tough times And when I lost all hope. You cried with me at sad times and laughed at all my jokes. You never seemed to judge me or ever put me down. You put a smile on my face whenever you saw me frown. Your better than a brother. You were so much more than just a boyfriend. You will always have a special place in my heart no matter what happens. That's why I called you my best friend. I loved you soo much and I always will do. You will be cherished for eternity. Perhaps you found someone else I don't know. But I can never let you go. I don't want no-one else. I still remember the first day I set eyes on you, I didn't know my whole life would change that day when I knew I liked you and now I cant imagine my life without you in it. Everything just reminds me of you. I cant listen to a song without thinking of you and your always in my mind. That message I got broke my heart and I don't think you realise how much that hurt. I might be smiling on the outside but I am dying on the inside and no-one else knows it but me. Please Believe me for these words I say are true and don't deny mee a life time loving you. If you ask will I be true, do I give my all to you ? Then I will say I do. I know this is soo hard to believe but please believe me:.Never thought id be so inspired. Never thought that id find a higher truth. I believed that love was over rated til thee moment I found you. You're the one who turned my life round now baby. I didn't know myself until you changed me and made me understand it. I never thought id be looking at my life from a higher ground. What goods a memory without you next to me the morning sun just aint the same without you. Never stop believing in love. I don't wanna face this world alone without you by my side your the onli one that makes it feel like home and I need you in my life. What goods a photograph when your not in the other half. Your love keeps bringing me closer to the truth. I gotta be where you are. We were still in high school when I first met you. A long, long time has passed and I still get surprised at the bullet in my chest when you walk and pass me by, if these feelings proving many things its that everything is going to change with time. Did you know that when your around my heart wont, it cant slow down it beats soo hard it makes it hard to catch my breathe. I will love you for eternity and nothing will ever change that.. I love you.

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