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My world is lonely when you are not with me. Missing you so much!
by AnonymousEmail this Quote
I miss you like the sun misses the flowers, like the sun misses the flowers in the depths of winter, instead of beauty to direct it's light to, the heart hardens like the frozen world which your absence has banished me to.
by William in "A Knight's Tale"Email this Quote
i dont no how to say this, to anyone. and now that your with her its 10 times worse than it use to be. missing you when you werent with her was when i couldent call you because you were on the ice in your net playing your game, and i couldent be with you. but now its like theres somthing missing in my heart. now people might think this sounds over played and your to young to fall in love. but if you were me you would understand what i mean but your not. so dont judge me on how much im in love with him, because the truth is. i miss him more than anyone will ever know.
by zoEmail this Quote
I Miss you every second of my life, I need you every second of my live, I want you every second of my life
by unknownEmail this Quote
I miss your smell, I miss your touch, Baby I miss you so much!!!
by ValentinaEmail this Quote
When you miss me, just look up into the night sky and remember: I'm like a star, sometimes you can't see me but I'm always there
by Mason's Baby GirlEmail this Quote
it takes awhile getting used to having nothing, But i dont want to get used to it and i would give anything just for you to want me again, i miss you
by AnnabellaEmail this Quote
sittin here day after day thinkin you would come back to me,dreamin night after night that you still love me,but then i awake an see that your gone an you are no longer mine.
by lashandaEmail this Quote
you made me realize what love is, and now you took it away... come back soon... I miss you
by CherryEmail this Quote
I hate the haters that say you arent right for me. Because you and I both know that they are just jealous of our love, of the days we spent at the park, looking into each others eyes. They know we should have been, could've been, would've been what they want. And now, now i cant see you. I miss you.
by AmberEmail this Quote


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