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When I see you, I smile. When I hear you, I listen. When I touch you, I feel you. When I kiss you, I love you!
by UnknownEmail this Quote
Your presence in my life brings wonderful smiles and loving thoughts within my heart.
by UnknownEmail this Quote
When two souls, that have shed their loneliness, embrace and melt into one; from out of loneliness, love is born.
by Mori YurikoEmail this Quote
My life would be beautiful if you were by my side because you have painted a smile in my heart that will last for a lifetime.
by EdwinEmail this Quote
it all started in 2007 when i first saw you and i told my self i got to make this come true.your eyes got me hypnotized it makes me feel good inside i look to the sky and thank god he sent me you even though if it was just out of the blue yea weve had our ups and downs but i still want you around i cant think cant sleep cant do anything at all i just pray so that youll be here to stay we started with a letter and then got to know each other better its been a month 12 days i got faith tht we gonna get through this dont worry babe this is just bliss i know it cant be resolved with one kiss but u are on my mind 24/7 see in my eyes ur a perfect ten ur my baby my chikita my princesa i dont know wht id do with outcha so thts why im telling you baby plz dont go bcuz without u i feel like a ghost. i had a dream about u we were under the moonlight and then u held me tight has i stared in those big brown eyes i saw my future with you every time im with you i subside becuz with you im in my own little world life twirles i close my eyes and i see my self givin you piggy back rides under the big bright sunlight only those people who will risk going to far can possibly find out how far one can go baby if thts wht it takes then thts wht im gonna do so you can see how much i love you dont worry baby il be with you til the very end ill give you wht u want rollin in ur benz
by viktorEmail this Quote
You're like a drug; when you're with me, it's a high. When you're not, it's a low. And even though I know you'll hurt me in the end, I still need you.
by KellyEmail this Quote
First love, the love that clings to your heart forever, no matter how much pain it has caused, no matter how many tears have fallen, first love will never leave my soul.
by SivaEmail this Quote
If it's the thought that counts you can always count on me; I think about you all the time.
by UnknownEmail this Quote
When I first saw you, I wanted to meet you. When I first met you, I wanted to kiss you. When I first kissed you, I wanted to love you, But, now that I love you, Im scared to love you.
by BrenEmail this Quote
The best way to love is to love like you have never been hurt.
by PireEmail this Quote


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